Ramsay Everingham


Ramsay Everingham

Relationship and Couples Therapist

Ramsay is a relatable, insightful and authentic therapist who has worked for many years with individuals and couple. He brings a lot of wisdom and lived experience to his work, and clients say they value the calm, thoughtful and non-judgmental space that Ramsay creates for them.

Ramsay has a special interest (and training) in both the attachment model framework as well as Internal Family Systems. He says, “Our attachment style describes deeply embedded relationship worldviews. How we perceive relationship, how we experience relationship, how we are in relationship, what we might struggle with. This work in relationship therapy supports compassion, understanding as well as interpersonal skill development.”

Internal Family Systems is a non-pathologizing evidence-based framework which helps clients understand and heal aspects of themselves that are undermining significant relationships. Ramsay is therefore highly sought after by couples who have trauma backgrounds.

Ramsay works with a broad range of individuals and couples. Couples often seek Ramsay’s help when they have tried other types of counselling and still have relationship challenges. These are couples who are looking for more in-depth work.

Ramsay enjoys working with diverse cultures and social identities and has worked in the USA. He is also a Group Facilitator and a Lecturer in this field.

Ramsay holds a Master’s degree in Process Oriented Psychology from the world renowned Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, USA. He is member of faculty at the Metavision Institute (teaching Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy and Relationship and Conflict.) He also works with Relationships Australia as a group facilitator in the Relationship Education and Family Safety Programs.

On a personal level, Ramsay has a background in theatre and TV and currently facilitates a therapy group for the Actors Benevolent Fund. In his spare time, Ramsay creates his own art and has been exhibited. He has a lot of experience working with creatives and actors and is highly sought after by people from creative industries.

Qualifications and Professional Membership

Master in Process Orientated Psychology
Graduate Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
Graduate Diploma in Applied Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
Advance Diploma in Chekhov Technique
Bachelor of Creative Art
PACFA Clinical Registration 26378

Ramsay is a wonderful, caring and professional person who is very knowledgeable. He’s a great listener but tells it straight when he needs to.  He helped me work through a massive problem in only a few weeks and then was happy to offer follow up advice from time to time. Ramsay is definitely a people person and I was lucky I found him. – Clients who saw Ramsay

I’d highly recommend you to any one wanting to feel listened to, held and safe, while collaboratively exploring what changes need to occur to live a fuller and more fruitful life. I like your gentle and realistic approach to unfolding an issue and insight into human existence on this playing field! – Clients who saw Ramsay

I cannot emphasise how much my work with Ramsay has meant to us. He embodies deep listening, ever present curiosity, immense kindness and a clever knack for working with the mind, body and spirit in nimble ways using diverse tools of embodiment, imagination and dialogue. Most importantly, one feels his deep heart that genuinely cares and is right there beside you, observing wisely and non-judgmentally. Looking back, I am grateful for having been seen through so much in the last five years by an extraordinary human being I am proud to call my therapist – in a way that champions the best of therapist-client relationships. – Clients who saw Ramsay

“Jessica (name changed) and I found Ramsay to be a very warm, friendly and caring therapist. From the initial session we felt comfortable to discuss the difficult relationship issues we were experiencing. Ramsay was very attentive, empathetic, and able to balance the needs in the room well, ensuring we both were comfortable with the direction the session took, and other difficult topics in the session. Ramsay also had great insight and knowledge into the issues that we brought to sessions, and was able to effectively communicate them in creative analogies or metaphors that we continue to use in our relationship. We greatly benefitted from our sessions, and can report our relationship is significantly better in many areas thanks to the sessions we had with Ramsay.” – Clients who saw Ramsay

“My wife wasn’t keen to do any more couples counselling after a few negative experiences with others.  However, she agreed to go and give Ramsay a try.  It’s been absolutely life changing for us.  We have learnt so much about our relationship in an in depth way. And  finally we can actually see changes in our relationship.  We love working with Ramsay and highly recommend him”.
Clients who spoke to the Principal of the practice about how much they love working with Ramsay”.

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