A collection of media and articles featuring our Therapists with interviews and expert opinions.

In this segment of The morning Show, Jacqueline McDiarmid is interviewed by Channel 7' host Kylie Gillies about the causes of cheating and how to overcome infidelity.

In this article, Jacqueline McDiarmid is interviewed by ABC journalist Nick Baker on family estrangement.

In this article, Jacqueline McDiarmid talks about the work involved in helping families repair a rift.

In this interview Jacqueline McDiarmid talks about the affect our public orders are having on our children's mental health.

SBS Insight Show 6/4/2021 I still do

Jacqueline McDiarmid - Couple and Family Therapist - was featured on SBS Insight this week as their expert on long term relationships. If you would like to hear her responses to questions, please click on the link above.

ABC Life by Kellie Scott 10/06/2020, When your ex stays in touch with your family

Family and couple therapist, Jacqueline McDiarmid offers advice for those whose families choose to keep a connection with their loved ones' ex-partners, and what you can do in this situation.

Family and couple therapist, Jacqueline McDiarmid explains the importance of sticking to a routine during quarantine.

Jacqueline McDiarmid, family and couple therapist shares her insights on family therapy and explains the different reasons why people go to family therapists.

Paula Kruger from ABC Radio Canberra interviews Jacqueline McDiarmid on how to have a conversation with your partner about carrying the mental load in the relationship.

In this article Jacqueline McDiarmid speaks about anxiety and its crippling effects on more and more women today.

Sarah Macdonald talks to Jacqueline McDiarmid, about how systemic therapy can help unpack complex issues.

ABC NEWS 15/9/18, Jacqueline made another appearance on the ABC again recently. She featured in an online news article about children’s behaviours, an issue which was taken up by Richard Glover, host of the popular Drive program on ABC radio. If you’d like to know more, or you’ve always wondered why you have to tell kids the same thing over and over, have a read here


Alex Ryder was interviewed about the reasons couples receive counselling, the services that couple’s counsellors offer, the personal life of a couples counsellor.

Jacqueline McDiarmid was interviewed on her thoughts on youth behavious, bullying and the recent suicide of Dolly Everett.

The Project, TEN Network 12/1/2018 “The Project, Friday 12th Jan 2018 episode.”

Interviewed by Channel 10's The Project Jacqueline was featured as a Family Therapist expert in the segment looking at youth bullying concerns. (Segment at 2mins 30 and interview at 4mins 30)

Radio 2UE interview on the “Talking Relationships Podcast” 29/11/2016

Jacqueline McDiarmid was interviewed by Radio 2UE David Prior and Melissa Ferrari on how mental illness can impact relationships.

Jacqueline McDiarmid was interviewed on her thoughts of the impact of affairs on people and relationships.

This article, by Antoinette Lattouf, looks at how relationship counselling is an important area of therapy but it is important to consider the professional training of these therapists.

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