Claudia Chakar


Claudia Chakar

Couple and Family Counsellor

Claudia brings deep, rich experience and a lovely warmth to her work. She is a highly skilled Therapist, a Clinical Supervisor, a parent, and is also multilingual.

She has a particular interest in helping couples, families and individuals who have experienced a traumatic event such as domestic violence, migration, loss and grief, divorce and affairs. Claudia says she enjoys helping couples ‘invest’ in their relationship in a way that allows them to thrive, and she also finds it rewarding when she can help couples manage separation in a healthy way.

Claudia has been trained to facilitate the “Prepare and Enrich” program for couples who are planning a lifelong commitment. She is a “Child Inclusive Consultant” for children whose parents are in the process of a separation or mediation. Claudia is also a trained Mental Health Therapist, and can help clients gain tools and skills to manage their mental health.

Claudia speaks English, Arabic and French, and has consulted on the impact of migration, the trauma of the refugee experience, and other cultural issues.

Claudia offers clients the expertise developed over more than 20 years of clinical work in couple and family therapy. She comes to Sydney Couple and Family Specialists after working for Relationships Australia for 13 years as a senior counsellor and team leader.

Her clients say she is not only skilled but warm, empathic and easy to connect with.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Masters in Counselling (UWS)
Bachelor Degree of Social Work (UWS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling (USYD)
Child Inclusive Training
Prepare and Enrich Facilitor
PACFA – Clinical Member

“We have been so fortunate to have Claudia as our Family Counsellor. She is knowledgeable, kind and empathic and has made sure our sessions were productive and contained”.  – Clients who saw Claudia for Family Counselling.

“We saw Claudia for couples counselling. Claudia was direct and informative in her approach which we loved as we were not looking for a passive approach, but someone who could give us honest feedback and get us back on track with our relationship – which we achieved – very happy!” – Clients who saw Claudia for Couples Counselling.

“Claudia is not only very kind and compassionate, but she really listens. We saw her for couples counselling and we both felt heard by Claudia. She was also very fair and didn’t let us get away with things. We would highly recommend Claudia”. – Clients who saw Claudia for Couples Counselling.

“We had a very distressing estrangement in our family when we sought help from Claudia. We were not sure if Claudia (or anyone) was going to be able to help us, but she did. She was very dedicated to helping us all repair and heal our relationships. She is a very kind and a very good listener – we all felt heard by Claudia. We will be forever grateful to Claudia. A wonderful family counsellor”. – Clients who saw Claudia for Family Counselling.

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