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Get the help you need for the most important relationships in your life –
your relationship with your partner, your children, or yourself.

See an experienced, specially-trained couple and family therapist.

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We offer sessions online which means you can participate in sessions without coming into the practice.  All you have to have is the internet and a device.  For more information please contact us on 02 8968 9397.


Couples and Family Counselling Sydney

Our therapists have the training and maturity to handle difficult, intimate, and painful relationship problems.

We are experienced at untangling complex family dynamics, supporting overwhelmed parents, and helping partners rediscover what brought them together in the first place.

Sydney Couple and Family Specialists won’t judge. Or be shocked.

We are skilled at managing high-conflict situations, mental health diagnoses, adolescent and childhood behaviours and more. Our therapists have helped couples, parents and families from Sydney and its Eastern Suburbs for more than 25 years.

With professional support from an effective, highly-trained family counsellor, you and your loved ones can have the secure, loving and respectful relationships you deserve.

Our Counselling Services

Over 25 years experience working successfully with couples and families.

Serving Sydney Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, Paddington, Surry Hills and surrounds

How we work

The specialist therapists here do not simply sit back and listen. While of course they do listen, your therapist will question, challenge and provide feedback constantly. You can expect a dynamic and interactive approach designed to help you get the most out of your therapy. Our approach is about understanding what has happened, changing behaviours and improving relationships.

Your therapist will work at a pace that you can handle – regardless of why you are in the room. They commonly set homework and tasks to help you facilitate change in your world outside of therapy. You will learn new skills and tools to help you function in your everyday life in a healthier way.

The environment at Sydney Couple and Family Specialists is nurturing and friendly. We’ll support you through what can be a challenging time in your life and make you feel at ease with what can appear to be a very daunting therapy process.

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