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Separation and Divorce

If you have made the decision to separate then it it important that you understand the potential ramifications for children within the relationship. Here Jacqueline McDiarmid discusses points to consider for separating parents.

Legal aid: A good place to start if you are unsure you are able to pay legal fees or if you would like more general legal information – here is the link:

The Federal Circuit Court and Family Court:

Family Solicitor: Will assist you in working through property settlements, child custody, child support and more.If your relationship separation is not amicable they can also communicate on your behalf which can reduce stress and upset in your every day life.

Mental Illness and Relationships

Jacqueline McDiarmid was interviewed by Radio 2UE David Prior and Melissa Ferrari on how mental illness can impact relationships.

Why see a Couples Counseller?

Are you wondering if couples counselling is for you? In this interview Alex Ryder answers common questions we hear from people who want to understand more about this process.

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