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Online Counselling Sydney

If you live too far away, or have too busy a life to access face-to-face counselling at the Sydney Couple and Family Specialists, online counselling may be a convenient alternative for you.

Our therapists can conduct sessions with individuals, couples and families online. We use the secure online platform zoom which allows us to see and hear multiple people in different locations.  For example, your partner may be at work, you may be at home and another person might be on holiday somewhere.  As long as everyone in the session has access to a phone or computer with internet connection, you have what you need to attend the session.

Many people prefer to see us online or even have sessions over the phone. Some find it easier to talk about difficult subjects without the intensity of being in the room with the Therapist or with their loved ones. Some of our clients just like the comfort of being in their own space for therapy.

Family therapy online is an excellent option if you are struggling to find a specialist family therapist in your area, or you live outside of Sydney. We can also arrange other professionals to join the sessions – for example, school counsellors who may have something useful to contribute to a session about a child or adolescent.

Online counselling includes:

  • Sessions via zoom (you need a computer and access to the internet)
  • Sessions via a telephone (you will just need access to a mobile phone or landline)

Online counselling in couple and family work is helpful for:

  • Working on communication issues between couples
  • Working on affairs
  • Helping couples learn ways to feel connected and close
  • Helping one person make decisions about their relationship
  • Helping a person understand if there is DV or other kinds of abuse going on in their relationship
  • Helping parents with parenting skills
  • Supporting parenting with strategies, advice and feedback
  • Working with teens and youths
  • Working with separated parents or families – particularly if they do not want to be in the same room as each other
  • Working with adult families who are living in different parts of Sydney or Australia
  • Working with other professionals like school counsellors, teachers and so on.


  • Do I need to sign up to an online program?
    No –  we will send you a link – you just need a device and the internet.
  • Does everyone in a session need to be in same place?
    No – the link will work from multiple different locations – you will all be zoomed in from wherever you are.
  • Is zoom secure?
    Yes –  it is a secure platform – we pay (you don’t) to sign up to a secure platform so we meet ethical guidelines.
  • Is online counselling as effective as face to face counselling?
    Absolutely!  Especially when it comes to marriage and family counselling.  The structure of the sessions are exactly the same and the interventions are the same.
  • What happens if I drop out of internet connection?
    We will call you on your mobile and we can continue the session that way.
  • Is payment for online counselling the same as in the practice?
    Yes – we are doing exactly the same work – it’s just that you get the benefit of convenience.
  • How long are the sessions?
    The session is for 60 minutes.  Current clients can also choose to book in extra phone consults in 15 minute increments if something urgent comes up that they need support or advice with.
  • How is payment made?
    We have a direct debit system and you will be sent paperwork for this.
  • Am I still able to have a 15 minute free consult before signing up to online counselling?
    Yes – we understand that you may wish to check out the Therapist first and make sure they are the right fit for you and your situation before booking an appointment.
  • Is online counselling effective?
    Yes.  If you are willing to put the work into your relationships, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the practice or online – our work is direct, fast paced and designed to get results so it is effective both in the practice and online.

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