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Family Counselling Sydney

Create a connected, loving and peaceful family life that you look forward to coming 'home' to

‘Family’ should be one place where you all feel safe and connected, and everyone looks after everyone else. Right?

That’s the ideal.  But the experienced family therapists here understand how hard family life can be.

We understand that having a new baby, young children or teenagers can put huge pressures on relationships.

We know that if you are an adult family, or a blended or step-family, it can get even trickier to manage communication, difficult personalities, cut-offs and relationship break-downs.

We understand the worry many parents feel when they are faced with a child’s diagnosis.  And that parents can feel their lives are being consumed by an off-track teenager.

The good news is it’s never too late – or too early – to repair a problem in your family.  Family therapy can help you:

  • See and understand what’s really going on, so you can address patterns of behaviour that are causing problems.
  • Understand why someone might be acting out and find out how to get that person back on track.
  • Gain powerful parenting strategies, practical skills and proven techniques for handling children of all ages, particularly if there are behavioural concerns.
  • Put an end to constant conflict and arguments, and move towarda healthy, nurturing and connected dynamic.
  • Learn new ways to communicate – regardless of whether you are in an intact family or a separated family.
  • Learn tools and skills to get the family life you want

Here’s how it works in general:

Each family is assessed on the first intake.  We work quite differently with different types of families and different issues.  We sometimes work with the whole family, sometimes with individuals, and often a combination of both.

We work with LGBTIQA+, blended-step families, multicultural families, foster and adopted families and families who have experienced trauma.

Family Counselling is a specialty.  The Therapist must be able to manage the complexity, conflict and high volatility involved in family work.  They must also know how to contain sessions so they are productive and safe for everyone involved.

All Therapists at Sydney Couple and Family Specialists have trained specifically to work with families.  Each brings extensive clinical experience to this practice.

We understand what the stakes are because we all have families of our own.  We work hard with you towards the goal of a having a loving connected and happy family.

All of our work follows strict ethical guidelines and is best practice in this field.

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