Individual Relationship Counselling

Individual Relationship Counselling Sydney

Are you struggling with a situation or feeling that seems out of your control? Or do you feel you'll never be truly happy?

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Don’t worry. Neither of those things are true.

The counsellors at Sydney Couple and Family Specialists can help you change situations, feelings and your future. And all in a positive way.

Here’s how we can help you in the course of some individual counselling sessions:
  • We can help you identify what’s causing your unhappiness – so you feel you at least understand it.
  • Then we can give you strategies to deal with it. Practical, realistic strategies that give you some control.
  • We’ll provide feedback and insights on anything that might be holding you back, such as patterns or influences you no longer need.
  • You’ll receive support to manage relationships – whether they’re with a partner or spouse, family, friends or colleagues – so they are healthier and good for you.
  • If you have specific mental health issues already, or feel you might be on the way to having one, we’ll look together at some steps you can take to get them under control.
  • We will help you navigate important life transition phases – such as having children, your kids leaving home, menopause, retirement and more.
  • And you’ll be helped and supported to choose healthier relationships and make the best possible decisions for yourself.
  • We are relationship experts so our work in interpersonally focussed. We take a very keen interest in your family of origin and where you come from because this tells us much about why you might be struggling today.

By the way, our approach is solution-focussed. We want you out the door and getting on with life quickly (so don’t worry that you’ll be laying on a couch for years going over old ground).

You can feel better – perhaps sooner than you think. Don’t wait to call and book an appointment.

Not sure if counselling can help you? If you find yourself in any of the following situations, it probably can.
  • You’re feeling unhappy but can’t pinpoint why – even after you’ve taken steps that should make you feel better.
  • You are unhappy in your relationship. Perhaps you can’t talk to shared friends about it, and/or you need a completely objective viewpoint.
  • You’ve ended up with the ‘wrong’ man/woman again.
  • Or the wrong job again.
  • Or you’ve been making the wrong decisions…again.
  • You’ve separated from your partner and feel flooded with grief, sadness, anger. You’re wondering how you can possibly get on with your life.
  • Something awful has happened to you. An accident, a loss, a conflict or even a change in circumstances. It’s left a shadow or a scar on you and you just can’t shake it.
  • You used to be and feel OK. But now you’re uncertain, anxious, sad – and it’s getting in the way at home or work.

You don’t have to go through any of this alone. And you can change even difficult things.

You owe it to yourself to have a good life. Start by talking to an experiences counsellor who will listen and give you strategies and insights in the first session at Sydney Couple and Family Specialists.

Counselling is powerful and effective. But don’t take our word for it. These are some of the things our clients say about us:

“I feel so comfortable talking to you, it’s like talking to a friend but I know it’s confidential.”

“I like coming here, because you don’t know any of the people I am talking about”.

“I am gaining the confidence to treat myself the way that I should be treated and I feel good about myself”.

“I never thought I would feel okay again after the separation but you were right – 12 months down the track I have a new partner and a new life and I feel great”.

“You helped me to see that my feelings were not about my partner – it was because I was depressed”.

“You really help me to work out how I am going to manage my children and my new life after the separation”.

“If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I would be – I never thought I would survive finding out about the affair –I wish I didn’t have to see you but I’m glad that I do”.

If you need help with your relationships, or support and expertise to help you think straight as you move through a personal crisis, if you’re struggling with an affair, separation, grief and loss or work/friendship challenges, please contact us to arrange an appointment today.

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