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Couples Counselling Sydney

Over 20 years experience working successfully with couples and families.

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Couples Counselling Sydney

Thrive in a partnership that’s warm, connected and exciting again.

Have you lost your connection with each other?
Having constant arguments that sometimes escalate out of control?
Not communicating or don’t know how to raise sensitive issues?
Not on the same parenting page?
Has something happened like an affair or other betrayal?
Is someone, or something else, harming your relationship?

Your relationship is often the biggest single investment of your life. Don’t walk away or let things get worse. Get help from an experienced, understanding and qualified Couples Counsellor – and get the relationship outcomes you want.

Family Counselling Sydney

Enjoy a healthy, bonded family made up of happy individuals.

You may be distressed about your child’s behaviour, or feel like you’re losing them. Adolescence, personality clashes or destructive conflict might be draining you and turning your home into a battleground.

You don’t have to face it alone. Our therapists are specially trained to work with families and all their complexities. We can help give you ways to manage, put healthy boundaries in place – and heal.

Individual Relationship Counselling Sydney

Create the life you’ve dreamed of, and look forward with enthusiasm!

“I’m overwhelmed.” “I need support and strategies.” “I need clarity”, and “I feel alone and miserable.” These are some of the things our clients have said about their relationships – with partners, children, extended family or colleagues. But you don’t have to feel like this forever, or stay in situations that make you unhappy.

If you are facing relationship or personal challenges that seem too big or too hard, our therapists can help you. Take advantage of their experience and non-judgemental compassion. Get practical help to move you out of the dynamics that are making you unhappy – and start to feel better sooner than you might think.

Adolescent Counselling Sydney

Get your likeable, friendly, respectful child back again.

If you are looking at the adolescent in your home and wondering what happened to the affectionate child they used to be, you’re not alone. Adolescence can come with unforeseeable challenges that even the best parents might struggle with: the onset of disturbing and unsociable behaviours, painful self-image issues, unhealthy friendships or addictions, and even mental illness.

We can give you help to understand, manage, and parent your teenager – for the benefit of you, them and a healthy family future.

Couples Pre-marriage, Pre-commitment Course

Set yourselves up for a long, loving partnership.

Marriage or life-partnership is a huge commitment, and one that’s worth investing in before you take that final step. This six-session course for couples is an ideal way to iron out any concerns, discuss the ‘big picture’ issues so they don’t upend you later, and set you up with for a healthy, satisfying relationship.

This is a great course for any couple who value communication and honesty – and want a clear idea about what their partner needs and expects in a relationship.

We are here to help

Jacqueline McDiarmid

Couple and Family Therapist

Jacqueline is a highly sought-after therapist. Not just because she is one of Sydney’s few systemic couple and family therapists in private practice, but because she brings 20 years of experience, deep compassion, and a sense of humour to her work. She is a Lecturer, Trainer and Clinical Supervisor of other therapists, and is often referred difficult cases. Read more

Alex Ryder

Relationship Counsellor

Alex is a warm, thoughtful Therapist with a decade of experience helping people in crisis or going through painful life events. He has worked at Sydney Couple and Family Specialists and the Jansen Newman Institute, and with Lifeline Australia in crisis intervention and as a trainer. Read more

How we work

Whether you are an individual, a couple or a family, the approach at Sydney Couple and Family Specialists is essentially the same.

The specialist therapists here do not simply sit back and listen. While of course they do listen, your therapist will question, challenge and provide feedback constantly. You can expect a dynamic and interactive approach designed to help you get the most out of your therapy. Our approach is about understanding what has happened, changing behaviours and improving relationships. Read more.

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