Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Overcoming the obstacles

You can overcome the obstacles that stop you from having the life you want.

Whatever it is, counselling and psychotherapy can help…

  • Perhaps you feel so anxious that everyday activities feel like a nightmare.
  • You may notice that you’re numb or sad when you should be happy and excited.

Maybe you’ve been abused or deeply hurt either in the past or recently. Or, perhaps you can’t shake the feeling that you might have been?

  • Struggles with fear, eating disorders, substance abuse or an unhealthy relationship might be taking over the rest of your life
  • Perhaps you find yourself in the same destructive patterns – or experiencing the same awful feelings – over and over again.
  • Life may feel like a downward spiral you can’t control.
  • Maybe you’re fooling everyone else – but not yourself? Outwardly successful and high achieving, but inwardly sad or losing your grip?

Your life doesn’t have to be so difficult. You can free yourself from what is holding you back and have a healthier, happier life.

We know how alone and scared you might feel, but many years as a specialist therapists tells us you can move on and be happy – no matter what you are facing now.

  • By working with you at unconscious (via psychotherapy) and conscious (via counselling) levels , we can help you make real and lasting changes in your life.
  • Right from our first therapy session, you’ll get a better understanding of why you feel and act in certain ways.
  • Through our counselling sessions, we will give you tools and practical strategies to help you respond more positively to those ‘same-old’ situations.
  • You’ll learn how to look after yourself, make better decisions and think more positively about yourself, your relationships and your life.
  • We’ll work together in a safe, constructive and results-orientated environment. At times you might even enjoy yourself!

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