A collection of media and articles featuring our Therapists with interviews and expert opinions.

Jacqueline McDiarmid was interviewed on her thoughts on youth behavious, bullying and the recent suicide of Dolly Everett.

The Project, TEN Network 12/1/2018 “The Project, Friday 12th Jan 2018 episode.”

Interviewed by Channel 10's The Project Jacqueline was featured as a Family Therapist expert in the segment looking at youth bullying concerns. (Segment at 2mins 30 and interview at 4mins 30)

Radio 2UE interview on the “Talking Relationships Podcast” 29/11/2016

Jacqueline McDiarmid was interviewed by Radio 2UE David Prior and Melissa Ferrari on how mental illness can impact relationships.

Jacqueline McDiarmid was interviewed on her thoughts of the impact of affairs on people and relationships.

This article, by Antoinette Lattouf, looks at how relationship counselling is an important area of therapy but it is important to consider the professional training of these therapists.

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