Filomena Leone


Filomena Leone

Couple and Family Counsellor

Filomena is a compassionate and courageous therapist. She is able to gently and kindly encourage people to have difficult conversations and speak truthfully about confronting issues. She listens without judgement and creates a safe environment for her clients.

Filomena has helped many people see things in fresh, hopeful new ways, and provided them with clear directions for moving forward.  She is known for being able to help people reconnect and find new, healthier ways to relate to each other.

Filomena’s clients benefit from her many years of professional experience helping people through painful life changes such as aging, loss of jobs, illness, grief and loss. She is a parent, with great empathy for others who are parenting at different stages including ‘empty-nest’ transition. She has worked with gender and sexuality issues, and understands the complexity of mental health challenges within relationships.

Filomena is a specialist in substance and behavioural addictions and how this impacts families and loved ones.

Filomena will work creatively in response to your specific needs and circumstances. She’s definitely a ‘one size does not fit all’ therapist. She knows that positive changes are possible with the right skills, support and encouragement matched with client’s motivation to work towards a better, more authentic life for themselves and those they love and are connected to.

Qualifications and Professional Membership


Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences (Counselling) Jansen Newman Institute.

SMART recovery 12 steps recovery program.

Yalom Group Facilitator.

Clinical Member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.



Academic Excellence Award – Jansen Newman Institute

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