Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy and confidentiality
Psychotherapists and Counsellors are bound by the Privacy Act to maintain confidentiality with clients UNLESS we believe you are going to harm yourself, someone else or abuse/harm a child. Discussion with the client always take place before any action is taken.
We often have high profile clients or professional people who prefer a discrete service. We have four rooms running but run strictly to time and don’t have a receptionist on site. This is to ensure you have a minimum amount of time in the waiting room. Some people prefer to arrive 5 minutes late for their session so they can come up the stairs and straight into the room without contact with any other person.
How long are the appointments?
We work on a 50 minute hour. 50 minutes to do the work and ten minutes to wrap up the session with any tasks that needs to be set before the next appointment. We run strictly to time because we have back to back appointments.
Hours available
Our current days are Monday to Saturday 8am - 9pm with some after hour appointments. Our Therapists work on different days and times so please contact us to find out who is available. From time to time there is a waiting list to see particular therapists.
Wait lists
We maintain a wait list for people who wish to see a particular Therapist or enroll in a time spot that suits them better. It is difficult to know how long it will be before a time spot opens up. Sometimes it can be a couple of weeks but at times it can be up to a couple of months. If you are in crisis or need to start the work we can refer to you another Therapist outside of the practice.
What are the fees and rebates?
Fees are set in line with industry standards. Medicare does not cover couple and family therapy. However, you may be able to claim back a portion of your session through your individual private health cover depending on your cover. Please note that in order to qualify for sessions through Medicare you will need to be assessed by a GP for a mental health issue. This diagnosis will then stay on your Medicare file which may have future implications.
What if I cant get my partner or adolescent to attend a session?
From time to time we hear that whilst one person wants therapy another person in the relationship or family are resistant to coming. When it comes to family therapy this situation is easily resolved as we can often do a great deal of work with the parents which has a positive impact on the family overall. For couples’ work we find the best approach is to see each person individually so that the resistant person has an opportunity to meet the Therapist and decide how comfortable they are with the person. Usually when one person is resistant it is because they have had a bad experience with another Therapist or they are scared that the sessions are going to make the situation worse or result in the couple separating which is rarely the case. All Therapists work differently. Feeling comfortable and having confidence in the skill of a Therapist is vital to ongoing work. Please contact us if you are in this situation so we can work out the best way forward.
How long will we be in therapy?
Individual, couple and family work are all different. Family work tends to be a lot quicker than couple and individual work. But for all work you will be in therapy from anywhere from six weeks to two years depending on what the issues are. We will discuss with you at the end of your first session what we believe the work will be and how long it will take. We will also keep checking in with you along the way as to whether it is time for you to finish up. We find that most times when we think it is time for you to finish up that you the client/s are also thinking the same thing. It comes to a natural end. There is nothing worse than staying in therapy for longer than you are benefiting from. You can always come back if you need to down the track.
We are in a terrace house located at 242A Oxford Street, Paddington. We are a few doors up from the Paddington RSL – just across the road from the library. You will enter off street level through one door and then arrive at a second door which requires a code to get through. When you make your booking you will be provided this code for the door.
Unfortunately we don’t have onsite parking. There is plenty of street parking in our surrounds but we recommend you allow plenty of time to find a park so you are not arriving stressed and late. County Avenue is the closet street to park near our practice.
Public transport
There are plenty of buses from the city that arrive at the bus stop just outside our door. Many clients choose to take the bus up from the city.

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