Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Is your family falling apart?

If you’re looking for family counselling to help keep your family together, we can help your family heal and live together more harmoniously.

  • Maybe there is a child or another person in your family who takes up all your energy and attention and disrupts everybody else?
  • Has there been an event or incident that’s shocked your family and changed the way you relate to each other?
  • Do you worry because you feel like you can’t talk to your children any more? Or that they’re out of control?
  • Are you worried your child has an alcohol or drug problem or perhaps a mental illness? You may be afraid it will just get worse if you don’t do something, but feel powerless to help and guilty too.
  • You can’t seem to stop wishing you could have a normal happy family like other people seem to. You wonder what you have done wrong as a parent.

‘Family’ should be one place where you all feel safe and connected, and everyone looks after everyone else. Right?

That’s the ideal, but after years as specialist family therapists, we have seen how complex and challenging family really life is. Kids don’t come with a user manual, yet parents are expected to know how to handle everything that comes up.

The good news is, family therapy can help you:

  • See and understand what’s really going on, so you can ‘unpick’ patterns and behaviour that are causing problems.
  • Get over the hurt and shock of a traumatic incident, and get your family back to how it used to be.
  • Understand why someone might be acting out and find out how to get that person back on track.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot negative behaviours both now and in the future.
  • Gain powerful parenting strategies, practical skills and proven techniques for handling children of all ages.
  • Put an end to constant conflict and arguments, and move toward a healthy, nurturing and connected dynamic.

It’s never too late – or too early – to heal your family.

Supported and effective child, parent or family counselling can make things better. We sometimes work with the whole family, sometimes with individuals, and often a combination of both.

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