The techniques used in Family and Couples therapy are also relevant to people who work closely together. More and more organisations are recognising that using a consultant Change Agent can improve productivity and assist with staff issues. The consultant can help resolve issues through effective communication training, mediation, conflict resolution and critical incident de-briefing.

One-on-one coaching is also available for those who require personal assistance with handling work and staff issues. This applies equally to management and general staff.

All coaching and consultant training is delivered by Jacqueline McDiarmid. Jacqueline worked in management for several years before becoming a Psychotherapist. That experience means she has an ‘insiders’ knowledge of office environments, plus specific, professional problem-solving skills.

How it works

Jacqueline works on a project by project basis. This means Jacqueline may be approached by you and given a brief outlining the changes you hope to bring about. Through assessment, feedback, recommendations, training and working with groups or individuals, positive permanent change can be made which improves morale and encourages better productivity.

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