Allyson Iriarte


Allyson Iriarte

Relationship and Couples Therapist

Allyson is a compassionate and results-driven Relationship and Couples Counsellor.

She loves the challenge of relationship work and believes that many couples end up in difficulty because they haven’t had the tools to address unresolved issues, fix unhealthy communication patterns and address emotional disconnection.

“We all have a unique world view, with specific thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and values,” she says. “We expect partners to know and understand this view, but it doesn’t always happen. I see couples where the result is an unhealthy habit loop that might involve conflict, or one or both partners feeling misunderstood or emotionally shut down. The good news is that with support from a Couples Counsellor, couples absolutely can achieve greater understanding, connection, friendship and intimacy.”

Allyson has had extensive training in the Gottman method of working with couples and also draws from Systemic ideas and Solution Focused Therapy.

Allyson has particular expertise and skills in working with couples to reduce conflict, improve communication, and manage issues stemming from cultural differences.

She draws on substantial professional experience to support both couples and individuals through separation. Many people seek out Allyson to help them through a separation because she has been through a separation herself – and brings empathy and insight from that lived experience.

Allyson has years of experience working in both a private practice and agencies. She worked in Sydney and Singapore before coming to work at Sydney Couple and Family Specialists.  She speaks Spanish and is a single parent to two teenage boys.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Bachelor of Counselling – Applied College of Applied Psychology
Solution Focused Brief Therapy – Brief Therapy Institute Sydney
Certified Master Practitioner  NLP – Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) from the Worldwide Institute of NLP, Singapore.
Gottman Certificates – level 1 and 2
PACFA Clinical Member

“We approached Allyson because she is Gottman trained and we had heard this was good for communication and conflict. We probably weren’t that easy to work with at times, but Allyson was patient and fair. She was able to identify patterns in our relationship, and teach us how we could do things differently. It’s worked – and thanks to Allyson our relationship is healthier than it’s been for a very long time.” – Clients who saw Allyson for couples counselling.

“What struck me about Allyson is that she genuinely listened. It wasn’t just head-nodding. It wasn’t the ‘listening but really just waiting to give you my opinion’ that you can get with friends. She somehow made it safe for my husband of 40 years and I to name resentments that had been stewing for decades – and talk them out. We had agreed to give couples therapy a chance but did not hold much hope. We are so grateful we came to Allyson because she helped us save our marriage.” – Clients who saw Allyson for couples counselling.

“When I was thinking about separating I felt like I needed not just support from someone privately but also someone who was not going too judge me for it. I also didn’t want to work with young person without kids who had no idea what my challenges might be. I was lucky to work with Allyson. She really ‘got’ what was going on for me. I felt like I was talking to a very kind and supportive peer who wanted the best for me. The separation hasn’t been easy but my kids and I are in a much better place and I’m not sure that would have happened if it wasn’t for Allyson keeping me on track every step of the way. Thank you.” – Client who saw Allyson for individual relationship counselling

“I did everything I could NOT to go to Couples Counselling.  My wife dragged me along with an ultimation.  Basically, I thought we should be able to sort out our own problems and I didn’t fancy a stranger knowing all of our business. Two years down the track I can honestly say I’ve done a 180  when it comes to couples counselling.  I have learnt so much from Allyson and the process (which was not what I’d imagined). Now I’ll even tell my mates to go do it.  Allyson, you know how we feel about you – we will be forever grateful that you were there at a very difficult and scary time in my and my wife’s relationship.” – Clients who saw Allyson for couples counselling.

“Allyson has been incredibly helpful for myself and my partner, the whole experience was simple and has changed our lives. Allyson is clear about her process and methods, providing a warm and safe space for both of us to share in, and focused on understanding behaviours to help rather than blame one another. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Allyson!”   Client who saw Allyson for couples counselling.

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