ADHD ASD and Behavioural Challenges

AD/HD ASD and Behavioural Challenges

When families come to see us about a child’s behavioural problems or a diagnosis like AD/HD, they have often already endured years of stress before seeking help.  Relationships are strained – or broken.  Parents are fatigued and disillusioned.

Family Therapy can help if you are in any of these situations:

  • You suspect there is something wrong with your child but not sure how or where to get help.
  • You and your partner are on different pages when it comes to disciplining your child and managing behaviour – which is causing problems in your relationship and further stress in your home.
  • You have received a diagnosis and now need help with parenting strategies and perhaps even relationship help.
  • The school counsellor or a teacher has suggested you all see a Family Counsellor because of behavioural concerns in the classroom or socially.
  • You are separated from your partner and need to come together to parent your child who is off track behaviourally or has a diagnosis.
  • Siblings are being affected by another child in the home.
  • You are walking on eggshells around your child.
  • It feels like your child is taking over the family, home and your life.

How family counselling helps:

  • We work with parents to understand what is going on for your child and others in the family.  We help parents access other appropriate professionals – if necessary – to further support their situation.
  • We teach parents skills to manage and navigate through often stressful and tricky social situations involving your child.
  • We teach parents skills to manage their child’s behaviour and empower them to feel confident with their child and other family members and situations.
  • We teach parenting strategies that directly support a child with challenging behaviours.
  • We work with parents (even if they are separated) to get on the same parenting page which results in better outcomes for your child.
  • We work to reduce stress for parents so they are better resourced in other aspects of their lives because we understand they are usually parenting other children or trying to hold down jobs.
  • We work with other family members (including extended) to educate, provide skills and repair relationships which have broken down.
  • We work with school counsellors and teachers to ensure that aspects of our work is translated into the school system.
  • We work with other professionals so that there is a team approach to getting the child on track and parents feel supported in the process.

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