Couples Counselling Sydney

Are you unhappy in your relationship?

You don’t have to put up with unhappiness, or live with it forever. Here’s how couples therapy or relationship counselling can help you and your partner:
  • At Sydney Family and Couples Specialists, we recognise and know exactly how to deal with pain in a relationship and we have the specialist skills to do it.
  • We can help you regain closeness, passion, fun and get back that feeling of being ‘in love’.
  • You’ll get tools and strategies to break destructive patterns, deal with old resentments and move towards a more supportive and intimate relationship.
  • You will discover new ways to communicate and that will help you communicate more effectively with your partner, children, friends and colleagues.
  • Through couples counselling we will work with you in a safe and constructive environment, mediated so you both get to say what’s really going on for you.
  • We will help you to repair the problems and feel close again and give you tools to work with at home.
  • If breaking up is what you need, we can help you identify and manage the process to minimise damage and help you heal and move on.

Don’t leave it until you are facing a separation or divorce. Our specialist Couples Therapists can help you quickly regain your connection as a couple.

Contact us to make an appointment and you can also find some useful articles in our couples counselling archives.

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